Embracing the fall

Picture the very common scenario

You’re on your phone, completely immersed in whatever activity the gods of technology have sprung forth. Both your hands provide support for your precious phone. Your two thumbs on the other hand are both free, and they swivel back and forth, gently tapping the screen. Your neck is tilted at an unusually unsafe angle, but you’ll feel the pain later. Nothing can seem to go wrong, and your whole body is in sync with the phone. Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Your phone unexpectedly slips from your hands. This was not planned. Your thumbs get the memo immediately and stop swivelling. Your brain takes a few minutes to process the impending disaster that is a broken screen. But it’s now almost far too late, and gravity has done her worst. Your precious phone is now halfway to the floor. The “fall” is inevitable at this point. But something rather miraculous happens at this point. Instead of trying to no avail to stop this fall, you instead accept it and do something weird. You jerk your feet forward and try to cushion the fall by allowing the phone to land on your feet. This entire episode occurs in less than a second, but you can almost visualize the whole thing frame-by-frame. Finally, the dastardly phone lands on your feet – usually at a painful angle. Your rush to ensure that minimal damage happened. The pain on your foot is fleeting and completely disappears. The phone escapes with “minor scrapes and bruises”. You breathe a sigh of relief, and soon enough your thumbs are back to gently smacking your phone. Your subconscious was completely in charge of this whole situation, so your conscious self does not stop to discern any meaning from the whole episode.

Falling | Domestika

Just like the phone, a good aspect of our lives are just like the fall. Our entire conscious self seems to be very immersed in our daily lives with a seemingly false sense of security that nothing could go wrong. But just like the phone slipping from our hands, we could never really plan for the fall that comes next. Whether it’s falling in love, or falling from seeming grace, or the fall into despair. Everything changes when there is some acceptance of the fall, and we bring ourselves to cushion the fall – just like the feet, in the case of the phone.

This idea of the fall is present in almost every myth and religion. For christianity it is the fall of adam, and the descent of Christ. For Oriental religions it’s the acceptance of the duality of nature. The ironic thing about the fall probably lies in the fact that you can never “Accept” in advance. Much like the phone, the acceptance and immersion comes midway into the fall, when you snap from your comfort zone and realize the inevitable.  A pre-acceptance of the fall is just yet another trap to keep conscious self eternally comfortable. The next crash is always a crash because it almost never looks like the previous crash- because if it did, we’d be prepared and it would never happen

The fall will happen,with death being the greatest of them all. There’s almost nothing we can do about it, and there’s also almost nothing we can not do about it. It’s the double bind.

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